Core questions for the workshop...

DAY 1.  Wednesday 1st February

08:00     Registration desk opens
              -  Collect badges
              -  £20 optional donation


09:30     Host institution welcome address
              Dawn Scott, Head of Ecology & Conservation Research Group
              University of Brighton

Perspectives from the sector....

09:45     Lucy Rogers (NGO perspective & contexts)
              Director of Delivery Programmes, Avon Wildlife Trust

09:55     Gary Kass (Statutory Agency perspective & contexts)
              Deputy Chief Scientist/Strategic Futures Specialist for Natural

10:05    Sally Hayns (Environmental consultant perspective & contexts)
             CEO of the Chartered Institute for Ecology & Environmental
             Management CIEEM

10:15    Nathalie Pettorelli (British Ecological Society perspective & contexts)
             BES Secretary, Conservation Specialist Interest Group

10:25    Eleanor Sterling (AMNH and IUCN-WCPA perspective & contexts)
             Director of AMNH Center for Biodiversity and Conservation and chair
             of IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas

Introduction to workshop tasks

10:55     Background to workshop and introduction to process
              Mark O’Connell, Director of ERT Conservation
              Rachel White, University of Brighton
              -  Description of tasks, frameworks, activities, timings and outputs
              -  Allocation of workshop groups

11:30     TEA/COFFEE

11:40     Workshop 1 (breakout groups)
              - Getting to know your group
              - Review of framework you will use to develop research questions:
                identifying activities within your job role for which you require
                research evidence 

12:30     Workshop 1 (plenary)
              - Feedback and updates from group sessions

13:00     LUNCH
-  Buffet
              -  Talk 1: Decision support tools for practitioners
                             Peter Long (Oxford University)

14:00     Workshop 2 (breakout groups)
              -  Start of process to identify research evidence required for different
                 activities within your job (identified in workshop 1)

15:00     Workshop 2 (plenary)
              - Feedback and updates from group sessions

15:30     TEA/COFFEE

15:45     Workshop 3 (groups)
              -  process continued

16:45     Workshop 3 (plenary)
              -  review of discussions so far.…

17:00     END OF DAY 1

 19:30     Evening meal and drinks in Brighton

DAY 2.  Thursday 2nd February

09:00     Welcome
              -  introduction to the day’s activities

09:10     Workshop 4 (groups)
             -  process continued

10:30     Workshop 4 (plenary)
              -  review of discussions so far.…

11:00     TEA/COFFEE

11:20     Workshop 5 (groups)
             -  process continued

12:30     Workshop 5 (plenary)
              -  review of discussions so far.…

13:00     LUNCH
-  Buffet
              -  Talk 2: The Conservation Evidence initiative

14:00     Prioiritisation of elements of identified research needs (plenary)
              -  Key issues & discussions

15:00     TEA/COFFEE

15:10     Developing a process for what happens next
Activities after the meeting....
                                -  Publication (& other communications)
                                -  Gap analysis: identifying additional research questions
                                -  Plugging in to existing schemes, initiatives, strategies
                                -  Matching the evidence needs identified by this workshop
                                   with current available data/information sources

15:50     Synthesis and summary

16:00     END OF DAY 2
              -  Thanks and farewells

Information about the meeting

Contact the event organisers
Mark O'Connell and Rachel White

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