Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) are sites of global significance for biodiversity. They are identified using agreed international standards and aimed at maintaining effective ecological networks and landscape-level conservation planning. The La Hotte Massif is a KBA in Haiti threatened by the removal of tree cover. The loss of Haiti’s forest cover has been known for many years, but there has been no quantitative measurement or mapping of the current distribution of tree cover. Birdlife International provided funding for ERT Conservation and DWCT to address this issue.


To utilise high resolution (35cm) orthorectified images of Haiti within a GIS to quantify tree cover (four per cent cover classifications) in the La Hotte KBA, and statistically compare this with the frequency distribution of tree cover classes in areas outside the KBA network.


BirdLife International, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.


Report to BirdLife International, GIS coverages of per cent tree cover in selected areas of Haiti.


Improved knowledge of tree cover distribution and loss in Haiti to guide actions associated with the KBA network.

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