Understanding how intrinsic biological traits (e.g. size, age at first breeding, number of offspring, etc), predispose species to poor conservation status or population decline, is of enormous utility to prioritisation processes and species action planning. Seabirds are a globally threatened taxonomic assemblage with a wide range of life history traits, and there is currently a huge international effort to try to halt seabird population declines. ERT Conservation supervised a research project designed to support these efforts.


To use existing and newly collated seabird data and information from the IUCN Red List database to determine significant correlates of conservation status and population trends in seabirds.


University of Bath


T. Foxley, M.J. O'Connell & T. Székely (in prep). Bigger is better? The Life-History Correlates of Extinction Risk in Seabirds.


Enhanced knowledge of factors influencing seabird conservation status.

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